Sunday, 23 October 2016

Osteria Art Always Delights

Beppe De Vito's culinary excellence at Osteria Art was worth waxing lyrical about.  

The restaurant  offered good, unpretentious Italian cuisine that combines rusticity with a touch of contemporary flair.

Having dined there several times, we have never once been let down by the quality of the food. 
Our visit to the restaurant last week was no different. Osteria Art featured some of the season's best  creations so thoughtfully put together by the talented team.

We had made plans for dinner there with the sole intent of indulging on the rare and prized white truffles but alas, this was sold out for the day by the time we arrived. Putting our disappointment aside, we settled for the black truffle which came in the form of an antipasto, the Burrata with Porcini Mushrooms and Truffles. Filled with a slight tinge of sweetness, the black truffles provided its trademark fragrance which intermingled with the soft, velvety texture of the burrata. The porcini mushrooms provided an interesting bite to this creation whilst further bolstering this creation with its umami-filled flavours.

A decadent pasta main, the Tagliolini with  sea urchins harvested off the Sicilian coast  was truly a stunning masterpiece which showcased this fine ingredient so fittingly. Brimming with rich flavours, the pasta was cooked al dente in a briny sea urchin sauce, crowned with its creamy flesh and further graced with a sprinkle of shaved black truffles. This had a reasonable amount of sauce to it which served to complement the tagliolini without resulting in an overly soggy creation.

Aesthetically presented, the Osteria Art Tiramisu was a perfect cap to the dinner. Decadent without being cloyingly sweet, the tiramisu had a hidden and unique twist to it with the addition of powdered Pop Rocks which created an occasional fizziness that melted in the mouth as it dissolved. This was just enough to wow without stealing the limelight from this quintessnentially popular Italian dessert. Artfully embellished with both white and dark chocolate, this provided a delicate balance of pleasant bitter and sweet flavours.
Well done, Osteria Art for never failing to delight. Your hallmark consistency in quality of food and service can only mean that Jerome and I will come back for more.


About The Writer:

This blog post was co-written by my brother Jerome and I. Although we are siblings who grew up 11 years apart, shaped by differing experiences to see the world from different perspectives, we do share a common obsession – FOOD.  We celebrate our passion for life with food.  However, our attitudes to food are quite different and the way we celebrate our love for food are also quite different.  Jerome lives to eat and hoovers everything edible that crosses his path.  As he shovels food into his mouth with that fork in his right hand, he takes photographs of what he eats, and posts pictures and notes up on Facebook with his left.  Often, his beautifully written prose about what he had eaten would be 7 paragraphs in length and would not have any punctuations in between because he had been too busy multi-tasking. 

I, on the other hand, eat to live. It is not just about my attempts to eat healthily. As I am a “cam-whore” and “social media hussy”, I spend about half an hour styling my food, taking photographs, writing notes and posting them across my social media platforms before eating them, right after the hubby has paid for the bill and is about to head out of the restaurant.  I enjoy reading all my posts about what I had eaten because I know that I had lived fully in spite of watching what I eat.  Welcome to the foodie world of the quirky Ong siblings.


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